Pazzini talks about his future: “I would like to start a career as a manager”


“I’ve known Marotta for many years, from Atalanta. Then I found him again at Sampdoria and I’m happy with the results he’s having, he’s a very important person for me.” Thus the former striker Giampaolo Pazziniprotagonist tonight at the Maestrelli Prize: “Why did you retire at 36? I always said that I would stop by my own decision and after winning the Serie B championship in Verona, with the last few months with empty stadiums due to Covid, it seemed to me the right moment”.

What will your future be?
“I have taken courses both as a coach and as a sports director, football is my world and I really like the managerial path. Between the two, the managerial aspect is what I like the most. I would be happy to be able to bring back some knowledge that were given to me.”

Less stressful management role?
“No, I don’t think so. I’ve had some tensions in my career and that’s also the beautiful part. To coach you need a different spirit inside, you have to feel it. I think you also have to feel something different to be a manager and this, for now, it’s a path that I like better.”

What talent should a manager have?
“I was lucky enough to have great managers like Marotta, Corvino, Galliani, Ausilio and Branca… I admired certain characters up close and it was a great fortune for me.”