Olympiacos finishing: what Mendilibar is preparing for Fiorentina


After Fiorentina’s morning training, the day before the Conference League final (tomorrow evening at 9.00 pm Italian time from Athens) includes the Olympiacos house finishingunder the eyes of some special young supporters, admitted to Agia Sophia for their team’s last session before playing for the chance to give away what would be the first trophy for a Greek club in the history of European cups.

Mister Mendilibar, who already has the typical training in mind for the big match tomorrow evening, has started the finishing training with some low intensity athletic exercises. Followed by a bullfight with the team divided into three groups, then sprints between the posts and exercises for ball possession in teams with a reduced field size.

At the end of the training, the main offensive players of the Greek team stopped to kick towards the goal, at all three goalkeepers. Last phase of the session with an eleven against eleven match but on a reduced pitch. After a total of about an hour, everything was finished. Everyone was present at the training, no defection to report for Mendilibar.