New Milan stadium, mayor of San Donato Milanese: “I believe in only one team in San Siro”

Giorgio Squerimayor of San Donato Milanese, spoke to Alanews photographing the situation on the hypothetical new AC Milan stadium, with the San Francesco area already 90% owned by the Rossoneri through the majority shareholding in the Sport Life City company.

“Sport Life City had presented an arena project approved by the previous administration. At the beginning of May I sent the letters for the program agreement to the Lombardy Region, the State Railways and the Metropolitan City, which presumably should respond by expressing their availability: at that point a process required by law will begin which will last approximately 18 months. in which all the works to be faced will be examined. There is no doubt that the construction of a stadium can cause inconvenience for citizens, but this administration is committed to ensuring that the benefits are infinitely greater than the disadvantages and in this year and a half we will try to explain them to the citizens. Let’s just think about the possibility of having a real railway station, with enlarged platforms, more rails, even high-speed trains that can stop in San Donato. Modern stadiums welcome people, offer events to remember, a bit in American style, we must forget those of the past. The stadium, if done in a certain way, can be a great opportunity for the city, but I would like to reiterate that it is not mandatory to do so in San Donato Milanese. Certainly, however, there would be great benefits, especially for young people who would have more spaces for aggregation and meeting. It seems to me, however, that at the moment there are exploitations by No-stadio that are a little too exaggerated: they offer photos on social media of fans fighting, dirt, glass bottles in scattered pieces. We need more balance.”

“As a passionate AC Milan fan, therefore not in my capacity as mayor, I am convinced that, to remain competitive in modern football, the two teams will no longer play together in the same stadium: in my opinion one team will remain in San Siro, while the other will go in another plant, I don’t know if in Rozzano or San Donato It’s just my feeling, I haven’t talked about it with anyone from the company, but if it’s true that WeBuild will present a project to renovate the plant guaranteeing the participation of part of the people. fans and mayor Sala, compared to the past, is expanding the opportunities to set up activities such as museums and stores near the stadium, which is certainly not a small thing. Personally, it seems strange to me that the two clubs can play within the same facility ”.

“As an administration, our technical office has always interfaced with Sport Life City; I only met CEO Giorgio Furlani once. I am convinced that dialogue with Sport Life City is correct, once the project moves to an implementation phase our office will certainly communicate with the club’s technicians. The fact of not speaking directly with the Rossoneri management does not move the needle on the probabilities.”