Mussa: “Napoli, no revolution with Conte. Fonseca is at risk at Milan”

Guest of Maracanain the afternoon of TMW Radioit was mister Giovanni Mussa.

Naples, Conte very close now. And can we focus on Lukaku instead of Osimhen?
“What was missing from the locker room was the hierarchy, the leader was not chosen. Spalletti masked everything, without him everything collapsed and half-leaders were created who think they can mark the territory with an unrecognized leadership. When there is a lack of leadership inside the locker room, there is no need for a leader inside the locker room. With Conte, there is no need for revolutions If one of these is Lukaku, he is different from Osimhen but he is strong enough to have a championship level in Serie A. He doesn’t drive me crazy, but in the mental scheme that Conte has with him he will do very well.”

Do Napoli need 4-5 starters?
“We can’t make player-by-player changes. With Conte the relationships between the players change. It’s clear that you have everything to lose by taking someone in place of Osimhen, but who says he’s more functional than Lukaku? But the Atalanta that plays Just how many champions does he have? No good players, but with everyone’s relationship the value of the individual increases.”

Motta risks more at Juventus than others?
“The variable will be time and patience. So maybe Fonseca is at risk, because if it doesn’t go well immediately he’s in the second tier and with the environment he’s at risk. They’ll give Motta something more, because they know he’s an emerging player and not a already done”.