Mbappé: “Future in Italy? You never know. As a child I supported Milan, I followed all the matches”

Kylian Mbappea striker who will end his adventure at PSG next June 30th and will most likely move to real Madridgave an interview to the microphones of Sky Sports from Cala di Volpe, where he is for the European Globe Soccer Awards: “I’m very happy to be here, I already won in 2020, but to be with the best of world football is really fantastic.”

What was the season you just finished with PSG?
“I spent 7 years at PSG, I want to thank the club and underline the honor it is for a French footballer to play for this club. Beyond the goals, trophies and assists there are the personal relationships. For me it was truly important to play for PSG.”

What is your goal for the European Championship?
“The dream is always the same, to win, also because it should be normal given that we made the World Cup final. I want to make history with France, but be careful because Italy is also among the dangerous national teams.”

What was your dream as a child?
“Becoming a professional footballer and I would say I succeeded. The aim is always to inspire people.”

Is there a possibility that he could play in Italy in the future?
“You never know, we don’t know what will happen. When I was a child I was a Milan fan and I always said that if one day I arrived in Italy it would be to play for Milan. We don’t know what will happen, but I watched all the AC Milan matches. Milan, I’ve been a big fan since I was a child. I watch Serie A and it’s a really good championship, which improves year after year and will have many teams in the Champions League.”