Inter, today the first contact between Inzaghi and the new ownership: the plans beyond the renewal

It’s the day of first contact. A Monday to recover from the fatigue of the championship won and a Tuesday to get to know each other. Simone Inzaghi and Oaktree are ready to see each other, smell each other, hopefully understand each other and discuss a future together that is even happier than the recent past. Not easy.

The Piacenza technician will see the representatives of the new ownership at the headquarters. Alejandro Cano and Katherine Ralph, but also Renato Meduri, the Italian who handled the dossier Inter from the beginning, from 2021. They will be the members of the Board of Directors and will indicate the path to follow. It is reasonable to expect that, in reality, it will not deviate too much from the latest Suning management, which paid maximum attention to sustainability.

With Oaktree, but also with Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin who will obviously be present, Inzaghi will talk not so much and not only about his contract, which needs to be renewed. On the subject it seems easy to foresee a great commonality of intent, provided that crucial things are made clear. On more than one occasion, the coach referred to the need to strengthen the squad available. A question of quality, but also of quantity, considering the many commitments next season. No intention – nor even possibility, given that there is usually a good impression to be made with new employers – of making a loud statement, but the awareness that, after having won, there is only one possible direction. After you.