Guarin’s nightmare: “I’ve been an alcoholic for years. Cuadrado, Cordoba and Zanetti helped me”

“I’ve been an alcoholic for years, I’m afraid of dying. Thanks to Zanetti and Cordoba for the help.” From the pages of the Colombian magazine Week comes the cry for help from Fredy Guarin. The former midfielderInter he spoke about his addictions: “I’m a one hundred percent alcoholic and I admit it. I’m a recovering drug addict. I’ve lost a lot of things sentimentally and romantically. There came a point where I couldn’t continue like this anymore.

I hit my lowest point when I left Millionarios – continues Guarin – because in those years my addiction became very serious. I no longer worked in training, I had lost my dignity, the trust of loved ones and the most important and precious thing I have, namely my three children.

Do you want to know if I have been close to death or prison? Yes, the truth is that in that dark path I was on I was close to death because I had no respect, I had no limits, I had no courage and I let myself be taken further into that hole every day.

Now I know who my real friends are, the ones who want to see me feel good. Falcao, James Rodriguez, Juan Fernando Quintero, Ospina, Cuadrado, Zanetti, Córdoba and others who were there in those dark moments stood by me. They were available to help me. Others, without saying a word, left.”