Genoa, a trio of young rossoblùs will be added to Gilardino’s team in Moena

The 19th Century today he talks about who could enrich the squad Alberto Gilardino next season, among the players already owned by Genoa. In the list of young players sent out on loan in the lower categories there are three names that stand out: those of Marcandalli, Masini and Accornero. Young people who grew up in the rossoblù youth sector and who have just completed an experience between Serie B and Serie C.

One player for each position: Marcandalli, a 190cm defender, was the protagonist of 35 matches for Reggiana, under the guidance of Nesta, someone who knows a thing or two about defenders. “I am his coach and therefore I am rooting for him, but I have seen something in my life, I say that he is a beautiful thoroughbred. In terms of player characteristics, he has an acceleration that few people see. When they throw it to him up, he always gets there. He has to keep his feet on the ground because the road is long. Many young people show up and then get lost. He’s a good guy, so I don’t think it can happen to him so the future is there”, the opinion of the coach of the Emilian team. Marcandalli will return to base, will be part of next season’s defense and will have Moena’s retreat available to start demonstrating his value to Gilardino too.

Also playing in Serie B was Patrizio Masini, 23 years old, a midfield wildcard, who made 25 matches for Ascoli. Finally, Federico Accornero, from Genoa, whom Gilardino made his debut in Serie B last year with the rossoblù shirt, the team he has supported since he was a child. After training with the first team in Val di Fassa, he chose Pescara, in Serie C, led by Zeman.