Fiorentina, Italian: “We want the icing. We will also play to give Europe to Turin”

The Fiorentina coach, Vincenzo Italianoin his press conference on the eve of the match against Olympiacos, valid for the Conference League final, also spoke of the possibility of giving Italian football another team in Europe, in particular of allowing Torino to return to playing cups: “We also have this extra ‘responsibility’, it would be spectacular. Since I have been following football it has never happened… We can give this joy to Torino and we will try, as well as for ourselves and Fiorentina, to go fast to give a other team in Europe than Italian football. Playing these matches is always nice, I’ve noticed, we’ll try to make our friends in Turin happy.”

Will a circle close tomorrow?
“In my opinion, a great job has been done, but from the moment we are here again tomorrow we must try to add something to this excellent journey, full of records, satisfactions, semi-finals and finals. Nobody knows what the future will be in terms of attendance in other finals, especially European ones, so tomorrow we’ll do everything we can to add the icing.”

Have you thought about a foil in case of victory? Can the cup affect his future?
“I didn’t think about the foil, I’ll do it now. I’ll think about it, anyway… If it were to happen, we’ll come up with something later. As for the future, really, the phone is often turned off or often on silent and I’m not interested in listening to anything. Since We haven’t played the semi-final for a long time, I just had to concentrate on all the important matches. Football is strange and there are zero certainties. Let’s think about the match and then we’ll evaluate everything.”