Di Lorenzo away from Napoli? The agent opens his farewell: Inter and Juve on the blue captain

“He wants to leave Napoli, he no longer enjoys De Laurentiis’ trust.” Mario Giuffrediagent among others of Giovanni Di Lorenzo, he says it clearly. A bit surprising, but not entirely: “Lorenzo expressed to Manna some feelings about a lack of trust on the part of the club towards him. To this statement from the captain, Manna expressed his strong personal esteem – he declared the Napoli captain’s agent – but there is a willingness on the part of president De Laurentiis to sell in exchange for an offer. Di Lorenzo had confirmation that the lack of trust in him had become a reality.”

Meeting in sight. Words that could be the prologue to a sale, but also not. It wouldn’t be the first time that Giuffredi and De Laurentiis, after a rather heated debate, finally managed to reach an agreement. And it could go like this in the next few days, also because Antonio Conte, if he will be Napoli’s coach next season, has already asked for the full-back to be confirmed.

Inter and Juventus at the window. In case of separation from the Neapolitan team, beyond any foreign sirens, the main tracks are Italian. The Nerazzurri and Bianconeri, with Ausilio and Giuntoli both having esteemed Di Lorenzo for some time, are following the evolution of the matter with particular interest.