De Rossi non-stop, already working to bring Roma back to the Champions League

The future is built in Trigoria. For weeks the Friedkins and De Rossi have been talking about moves to structure the squad and the next season, but only after Sunday’s match against Empoli can the plans take shape in their best way. This is because the defeat in Tuscany, combined with Atalanta’s victory, seals the farewell to the Champions League and another year of the Europa League. Less money, less investments, more ideas to become competitive again. Because DDR’s objectives include at least revisiting the Roma of when he was a player, therefore permanently in the Champions League and in the running for the top of Serie A. The gap to be filled, however, is large and without major investments to make the the difference is the ideas, which is why he often speaks of a model referring to Atalanta or Bayer Leverkusen. Companies that economically cannot compete with the big ones and yet have won by building a project.

And De Rossi believes he has laid at least the foundations. In these first five months even if the bitter taste in the mouth remains for the last month. Between the failed Dublin final and the missed Champions League, DDR has to deal with another sixth place which reduces the final vote. Now with Ghisolfi, Souloukou and Friedkin he is studying a market to change course with the past. No more loans of ready players, it is better to invest in young people or in players who can then turn into an asset for the future. The Baldanzi operation, even if it has not yet yielded the hoped-for return, is an example of this. Then there are many players who will leave, starting with Lukaku, while there is still a great unknown regarding some, Dybala. The next few weeks will be the decisive ones to give the first answers and set up a job that will then have to bring Roma back to the Champions League.