Calori: “Avellino and Vicenza built to win. Padua? The leap in quality is missing”

TMW Radio

Alessandro Caloricoach with a long career between Serie B and Serie C, made some statements to the microphones of TMW Radiowithin the broadcast ‘A Tutta C’:

We have reached the semi-finals of the Serie C playoffs. What do you expect now?
“In the playoffs, physical condition and mental aspect will often be decisive. Avellino and Vicenza are built to win and their challenge could be an early final, although Carrarese has also made an excellent run and Benevento has top-quality players. There will certainly be a good final.”

If Carrarese were to pass, could it be compared to the feat of your Portogruaro?
“That was truly an extraordinary feat, similar to Leicester winning the Premier League. We won on the last day against Verona away, in a stadium already ready to celebrate. In the end, however, we achieved promotion to Serie B. In any case, Carrarese is a solid team, but the other contenders are all used to higher categories.”

Padova, however, still lacked something.
“I coached him in Serie B, it’s a demanding team. Unfortunately they have always come close in recent years, but Serie C is difficult, even in the playoffs. The leap in quality is missing.”

Novara, another former team of his, achieved salvation in the playouts.
“They ended up saving themselves, but that too is a place that had been a bit lost in recent years. With salvation I think we can perhaps plan for a brighter future.”

Ternana, on the other hand, was relegated from Serie B.
“He had also made a good run in the last few months of the championship. There is obviously disappointment throughout the environment, because going back up won’t be easy. Bari showed more experience in the playouts.”

In Serie B, what do you expect from the playoff final between Venezia and Cremonese?
“I had put them both on the favorites list. They were built to win and have important staff. They also play a similar game, building from the bottom, and have two strikers in Pohjanpalo and Coda. Given the characteristics he has, I believe that the Finn could also do well in Serie A. He is a first striker in the penalty area, who is rarely seen but who has a great presence in the penalty area.”

Could we have expected more from Perugia?
“It is a place that has experienced Serie A for many years, it is normal that there is a desire to return to that glories. We always expect something important, but perhaps we need to replan a little first. We will now understand how Santopadre wants to start again.”

What are your thoughts on Trapani, which dominated Serie D?
“It is an ambitious club, Antonini has spent a lot and bought superior category players. He invested to win and he succeeded, it wasn’t a given. There is enthusiasm in Trapani and perhaps in the next few years we will also be able to aim for Serie B.”

Let’s talk about the future. Of him. Novelty?
“I hope they remember me, I really want to get back to coaching. I kept very updated. I had some experience in Primavera football with Lazio, but I hope to return soon to manage some first teams.”