Branca: “Oaktree is a world power, Inter fans don’t worry. Lautaro? Renewal soon”

TMW exclusive

“I would say that if you take a look at the solidity of Oaktree you should feel comfortable from an economic point of view. Then he must give these people a little time to understand what it means to be an Inter fan, that is, of a team with a certain coat of arms and a certain history. But they must rest assured, because Oaktree is one of the world powers.” As Marco Brancaexclusively at Tuttomercatoweb.comreassures Nerazzurri fans about the future of the club after the change of ownership.

With a long history right atInter between field and management, Branca today works for the agency First, very attentive especially to the Spanish and French markets. In his chat with TMW, Branca then continues his analysis of Inzaghi’s team: “Every year you have to try to do better than the year before. Last year it seemed like almost nothing, but there were a number of fortuitous factors. The only blemish is that of the Champions League, because then they dominated the championship, in the Italian Cup they emerged with the surprise of the year (Bologna, ed.). But they demonstrated considerable technical and physical power.”

Now we have to close Lautaro’s renewal. It seems like a done deal, but the question is still open.
“It’s an open question because there was still the corporate question, open. Now that everything has been done, I think they can close this too within a week or two.”

Retracing its past, Roma starts again from De Rossi.
“De Rossi did very well. Now he has to think about trying to do better, because then he counts on reaching certain goals for next season. But he has all the characteristics to do it”.

How satisfied were you with Udinese’s salvation?
“I’m happy for my old president Pozzo, I was his player from ’87 onwards. I felt sorry for Di Francesco and for Frosinone in general, they were one of the teams that played best among those fighting to save themselves. And then because Di Francesco hasn’t been particularly lucky in recent years. Obviously I was happy for Udinese.”