Atalanta, the party starts on Friday. The route of the open bus: it starts from Largo Colle Aperto

With this statement, theAtalanta has announced the route with which it will celebrate the historic Europa League victory with all the fans on Friday: “We are all celebrating together: the appointment is for the evening of Friday 31 May! The open-top bus will leave from Largo Colle Aperto in the Upper Town which, through a precise route, will take the team, the coach and the managers to cross Bergamo to celebrate this historic season which culminated with the conquest of the UEFA Europa League with all the Atalanta fans. The departure of the open-top coach is scheduled from Largo Colle Open in the Upper Town at 8.30pm.

All fans are invited to take a seat on the pavements, leaving the way clear for the passage of the open-top coach.

The route of the open bus (see also map below)
– Departure from Largo Colle Aperto
– Viale delle Mura
– Viale Vittorio Emanuele
– Viale Roma
– Piazza Matteotti
– Largo Porta Nuova
– Via Camozzi
– Via Frizzoni
– Viale Muraine
– Via Cesare Battisti
– Piazzale Guglielmo Oberdan
– Viale Giulio Cesare
– Olympic Square
– Arrival Via Fossoli/Curva Nord side Pisani Gewiss Stadium”.