Zazzaroni: “Naples, season of s**t. Conte becomes mandatory, what divides him with AdL”

“At this point Antonio Conte becomes necessary. More: obligatory, for them Naples“, the opening effect of Ivan Zazzaroni in the dedicated fund above The Corriere dello Sport. The truth is that the season of the Italian champions was a nightmare, ending even worse with tenth place in the standings and exclusion from any European competition after 15 years of regular presence.

“Shitty season – I apologize, but I haven’t found a more effective definition”, summarizes the director of the Roman newspaper, “he needs to feel like he’s part of an ambitious and stimulating project again”. And who better than Antonio Conte to get back competitive in Italy and also in Europe? “However, I feel the need to exert strong pressure so that he and De Laurentis find an agreement while respecting everyone’s interests”, but there is still no distance to reach out. “I suspect – the journalist’s hypothesis – that image rights also divide them”.