When a purchase changes your life: Niang alone brought 8 points to Empoli

Empoli celebrated a salvation that had become complicated and now seemed unexpected but which instead became reality thanks to the 2-1 victory against Roma. M’Baye Niang decisivea striker who has literally revolutionized the air since his arrival in Empoli in the last January transfer window.

Yes, because despite playing a total of just over 700 minutes in the four-month adventure in Tuscany, the French ex-AC Milan and Turin player still managed to score 6 goals, for an enviable scoring average of a center every 118 minutes, numbers of a great striker. And his goals have taken on a decisive weight in Empoli’s journey towards salvation, given that they have led a total of 8 points more. All decisive for a result, with the exception of the Salerno match in which the victory was larger.

Lots of penalties, true (four out of six), but you have to know how to realize even those. And the heaviest one, the one to Roma for salvation, came from action.