What season will it be? CorSera: “A year of 70 games, reduce the gap with the first moves”

With a piece signed by Alessandro BocciThe Corriere della Sera spoke about the season just finished and about the one to come: “If Fiorentina wins the Conference League on Wednesday in Athens, there will be nine Italian teams entering Europe. The championship is over and we are already projected on what will come after a Let’s hope for a blue summer thanks to Spalletti and the national team. It will be the toughest season ever. From 14 August, the night in which Atalanta will challenge the winners of the Champions League in the European Super Cup, to 13 July 2025, when the World Cup will end. club, there won’t be a moment’s respite.”

He continues: “A player from a great team, who aims to reach the end of all competitions and is part of a national team, could exceed the threshold of 70 games: a number that is exhausting for the body and the mind, even if we are talking about of adequately trained super professionals. Reducing Serie A to 18 teams would not solve the problem. We are faced with a sick and desperate football without a common vision to help it overcome the critical issues and the need for money , more injuries and less quality”.

Closure on the next Serie A: “It will also be a sort of year zero for the coaches. Inzaghi wants to open a cycle and given the difference that has developed between his Inter and their rivals, it is likely that he will succeed under the careful guidance of Marotta. Juve and Napoli they promise to close the gap: the first moves are acceptable. Thiago Motta is the technical revelation, now he will have to compete in another dimension and with another pressure that Conte knows perfectly: we are curious to see if he will be able to find a feeling with De Laurentiis, but he would certainly be the right man to shake up Napoli. Milan have chosen Fonseca and many fans are perplexed. Who knows, maybe the Rossoneri Americans will do the same soon.”