Ulivieri and the Serie A coaches: “There are important replacements, like Palladino or Cannavaro”

“Our coaches are the best of all, the results of this championship have confirmed this. Furthermore, our coaches are not operating in the midst of great wealth, we have many clubs that pay attention to budgets, the availability is not the same as other European teams. I look at the foreign leagues and especially the mid-table teams, those who can spend like us. It seems to me that our football is at a higher level.” It’s the end-of-season balance of Renzo Ulivieripresident of the Italian Football Coaches Association, guest of Radio Anch’io Sport on Rai Radio 1: “There is no shortage of examples. Every year new coaches emerge, with their first or second experience. There are important replacements, like Palladino or Cannavaro. Nicola has made yet another comeback. Gasperini has achieved great results. And then there are coaches who are less in the newspapers like Marco Baroni: Verona is a team that was totally changed in January and he got it back on its feet. Baroni is a silent coach but it fits his style.”

On Thiago Motta: “The commitment with Juve is important, it can be dangerous but I believe he has time to work and to bring the football he showed in Bologna. I have defined it as the football of the future. We need suitable players, a club that can follow him and also some time, as he had in Bologna”.

Allegri and his outburst in the Italian Cup: “It was an exception, an episode in which we must remember the motivations that came from a long period in which Allegri was questioned not so much by the fans but also by the club. A moment that can also be understood” .

Frosinone president Stirpe spoke of a credibility problem for Italian football: “In my opinion, no. I saw the match last night between Empoli and Roma, Nicola’s team scored at the end of time in a very difficult match, Roma tried to win it, at times they even dominated it. At Empoli it was there was only a bit of counterattack left and in the end he found the winning play in injury time.”

Pioli and Allegri, future outside Italy? “It may be that they choose to go abroad. In my opinion it’s a risk, but we have replacements in Italy and abroad, I’m thinking of De Zerbi above all.”