The countdown for Cremonese-Venice begins. The first leg playoff final of B in Colombo di Como

Today we have entered the week that will conclude the Serie B season, because the double final will be played between Thursday 30 May and Sunday 2 June which will decide who, between Cremonese and Venice, will reach Parma and Como in Serie A; a double comparison that will see both matches start at 8.30 pm, with the first leg being played at the ‘Giovanni Zini’ stadium in Cremona, while the return leg will be played at the ‘Pier Luigi Penzo’ in Venice. The countdown then begins, on the sidelines of a post season which saw the Lombards finish the season in fourth place and the Venetians in third.

In the meantime, however, the referee appointment for Thursday’s match has been made known. Cremonese-Venezia was entrusted to Mr. Andrea Colombo of the Como section, assisted by linesmen Fabiano Preti from Mantua and Giuseppe Perrotti from Campobasso; Fourth Officer, Mr. Ermanno Feliciani from Teramo.
At VAR, however, Aleandro Di Paolo di Avezzano, AVAR Mr. Rosario Abisso of Palermo.