Serie A, the 10 best midfielders of 2023/24: Inter podium, victory decided by a hundredth

Inter are dominant in this championship and no one can boast a midfield like that of the Nerazzurri. Which is no coincidence that in the performance rankings there are four players in the top four positions. First “outsider” Koopmeiners, protagonist of a super season at Atalanta. Calhanoglu ultimately prevailed over teammates Barella and Mkhitaryan by just one cent. This is the ranking of the top 10 positions. We only took into account the players who voted on at least 19 occasions:

1. Hakan Calhanoglu (Inter) 6.50
2. Nicolò Barella (Inter) 6.49
3. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Inter) 6.49
4. Davide Frattesi (Inter) 6.39
5. Teun Koopmeiners (Atalanta) 6.38
6. Lewis Ferguson (Bologna) 6.27
7. Giovanni Fabbian (Bologna) 6.25
8. Morten Frendrup (Genoa) 6.25
9. Christian Pulisic (Milan) 6.25
10. Nicolas Viola (Cagliari) 6.23