Rome, De Rossi: “This is not the time to talk about Dybala. Saying he stays could be a boomerang”

From the stage of the USSI Award in Rome, the Giallorossi coach Daniele De Rossi he spoke about the season he spent on the bench and about his team’s season finale. These are the statements reported by VoiceYellowred:

The Roma shirt is a second skin. His dream was to coach Roma, let’s start with the Friedkins’ call.
“They didn’t call me but sent a message on Whatsapp and I was told the place and time of the meeting. I went with enthusiasm and a hint of fear. The situation wasn’t the simplest. We are at the end of the first part of the journey. I am honored to have coached my favorite team, but we are at the beginning of the whole journey and of what we are going to do in the coming years, hoping it will be increasingly positive.”

He has collected an important legacy.
“When things aren’t going well they treat me as it should be. I didn’t replace Mourinho but I continued his work by bringing my ideas. We shouldn’t make comparisons but I’m trying to do my best. The last month leaves a bad taste in our mouth because we didn’t achieve that dream that seemed within reach. However, the opinion of these months has been positive. I’m already thinking about the future. It’s not Atalanta’s result that didn’t take us to the Champions League but ours. We were very far away when we arrived. We were off to a great start then I missed something. We are working but we don’t start today. Already in recent weeks we had started planning to bring Roma back to where it has always been. He was higher in the rankings and we need to find that position in the higher areas again.”

They wish her Capello’s career.
“He launched me so I would like to launch an 18-year-old like he did to me. He toured a lot and won a lot. It’s a welcome wish. It’s the second time I’ve taken this award, 10 years have passed. She was awarded a girl of 2007 and I feel old. My daughter was born in 2005, this second job gives me the opportunity to transform from an old footballer to a young coach. I have great desire and enthusiasm. Let’s think about repeating my career as a footballer which was of a very high level. It’s difficult to do it all again in the same club as you quickly get bored of the coaches, I would like to enrich it with trophies, by still staying at Roma I deprived myself of some trophies. With a good project we can go back to lifting some cups.”

On Dybala.
“You always have to be ready. They told me that she often had physical problems. When I arrived he was always the first to go fast in training. We asked him to go and chase some players and he was very helpful and I am satisfied with the relationship with him. I’m holding on to all my players. Now we won’t say anything to you. But it’s time to do, not say. In football, plans are made that are upset by the decisions of the player or the agent. To say this remains today is a boomerang. We must also be good from a communication point of view.”