Rome, De Rossi: “Few opportunities, a match like this makes you understand many things”

Daniele De Rossi, Roma’s coach, spoke to the official channels of the Giallorossi club at the end of the match lost 2-1 on the Empoli pitch: “We don’t look ahead but we look at this match. It will help us look forward, it is a starting point for looking forward.”

What were the best and worst things of the evening?
“We managed the ball but we were 20 meters from goal and you never have the feeling that you can score at any moment. We had few opportunities as long as we kept the ball and in certain circumstances we were a little weak in duels. I think it is a match that must make us understand, a team can also be seen by how it finishes and when the points don’t count as much and by certain characteristics that we have already talked about. Because if you do 7-8 counterattacks and play 4 against 4, 4 against 3 and 4 against 2 and you can’t get a shot on goal, it becomes difficult.”

He said that you can see the mentality from these matches, it’s a point to start from.
“Yes, it’s not that we start again only on the basis of this race but it makes you understand many things. The team we want to become is one that when the points don’t matter you play the game even if you have less motivation than your opponents, because there is a huge difference in quality.”