Rodrygo: “The goal against City at the Bernabéu will always be special. The final started days ago”

The attacker Rodrygo spoke to Real Madrid TV right after training and in the middle of the Open Media Day, which represents the start of preparations for the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. These are the Brazilian’s statements: “I hope I’m ready. When you wear this shirt you become more prepared. Now comes the final, a very nice thing.”

On Real’s season: “The season was very difficult, but with the injuries it was even more difficult. But the team was very good and played very well. Now we have to reach our goal.”

On waiting for Wembley: “Since we beat Bayern, the final has been a long time coming. It’s Monday and the match is on Saturday.”

What Ancelotti asks him about: “I try to do the same things as always, not to change too much because so far it’s gone very well. I try not to do anything different.”

On Borussia Dortmund: “It’s a Champions League final and it’s very difficult to play against the Germans, but I hope everything goes well for us.”

On the best moment of this season: “I will remember the goal against City at the Bernabéu. It will always be special for me.”

A message to the Madrid fans: “Madridistas, thank you for your support. We have a final and a very important match. Now, let’s go hunting for the Tenthfifth“.