Prandelli on the national team squad: “Spalletti cannot be criticized. Happy for Gasp”

“It was an interesting season from many points of view: Inter dominated and deserved this championship, they had continuity, mentality, ability to maintain the objective of winning the scudetto at certain moments of the season. Many teams fought for the title. ‘Europe, there were also many disappointments. Until the end of the first round, the teams already seemed certain to be condemned to relegation. And instead Sean Sogliano arrived, who revolutionized the team with numerous transfers. In a very short time Marco Baroni fielded a team with balance, strength, determination and quality and overturned all the plans in the race for salvation. And therefore teams who never would have thought they would be involved until January were relegated. This is proof that results come when you know playing football. Congratulations to Verona, Sogliano and Baroni.” It’s the end-of-season balance of Cesare Prandelliformer coach of Fiorentina, Verona, Atalanta and former coach of the national team, guest of Radio Anch’io Sport on Rai Radio 1.

Frosinone president Stirpe spoke of a credibility problem for Italian football, was he referring to the lack of simultaneous matches in the last few days? “I think so, people have been saying for years that it’s not right. We have to impose ourselves on the times in the last 4-5-6 games to play at the same time. Last night president Stirpe gave a great demonstration of balance, professionalism and ability of analysis after an undeserved relegation. Having presidents with this humanity and clarity in difficult times.”

Fiorentina’s Conference final on Wednesday, who can be the decisive man? “I couldn’t say a name. In recent years Fiorentina has acquired an important team structure, solidity in the game and the ability to be technically complete. You have to be careful in these finals when they give you the favourite, especially in the ability to be balanced from the point of view mental view. Fiorentina is the favourite, but we all hope for this victory, to also give another Italian team the chance to play in Europe next year protagonist. Atalanta has been surprising everyone for eight years, now it’s no longer a surprise: it’s a world reference from a tactical strategy point of view. Gasp has given incredible continuity, when everyone thought it should have changed has modified based on the characteristics of the players. Gasperini has shown that there is still a sense of belonging. He feels included in a project and in a city where values ​​are shared. I’m happy for him that he chose to stay.”

Thiago Motta at Juve, Conte at Napoli: who risks more? “There are always risks. But Thiago was extraordinary, he demonstrated that he had new ideas, that he knew how to make the most of the capital available, like Calafiori and Zirkzee. And Conte is the certainty: the moment he sets foot in a club, the transforms with seriousness, professionalism, consistency and determination in doing things in an engaging way “.

Serie A format: “There are too many games, not everyone can have squads of 30 players, with 24-25 players. They will find an agreement. I am convinced that the objective is to reach 18 teams.”

National Chapter: “I have never questioned the appointments of the technical commissioners. From a planning point of view, Spalletti cannot be criticized. In a short time he gave everyone a sense of belonging, the group was formed in a strong way. These are decisions techniques, he has a technical path in mind that enhances the players he has chosen and I have the utmost confidence. Then it is clear that other players could also be included, but I would not go into discussing certain choices trepidation and desire to be 100% fans of the national team before, during and after the European Championships.”

Scamacca like Balotelli in 2012: Does the Atalanta striker have the maturity for an international event like the European Championships? “Scamacca undoubtedly has some qualities: physicality, shooting ability, elegance in acrobatics. But he always found difficulty and little continuity. He found the coach who made the most of him and he understood best what he was asking of him. It also seems to me Spalletti gave strong signals, he understood.”

Can Atalanta dream of the scudetto? “It’s not impossible. We’ll need to understand the market and what will happen to two or three big names. If they keep the squad intact for another year, I think Atalanta can really think about winning the Scudetto and competing for it with Inter.”

Milan bench: “For me, they did a terrible thing in sending Stefano Pioli away. In five years he has shown that he has seriousness, ability, he won a championship, he made the most of many players. This year he had a season with many injuries and many physical problems. I would definitely have kept Pioli.”