Parlato: “Whoever enters the playoffs first has an advantage. Vicenza is better than the others”

TMW Radio

Serie C playoffs which have reached the semi-finals with Avellino-Vicenza and Carrarese-Benevento which will take to the field tomorrow evening as the first legs. To analyze the final moment of the tournament he took the floor Carmine Parlatoformer coach of Padova among others, on the show ‘A Tutta C’ broadcast on TMW Radio:

Mister, what interpretation can we make of the two playoff semi-finals?
“Let’s start from the fact that obviously the pitch always gives the fairest result, on the other hand whoever arrives first despite the 3-4 weeks of waiting which always wears us out, but the teams with greater inertia are always moving forward, the exception can being Vicenza who entered these playoffs before the others and are making the difference. It’s true that Avellino only played two games, while the others played four.”

Is it a coincidence that only Avellino, among the teams that finished second in the regular season, made it through?
“Certainly by playing every 3-4 days you spend a lot from a physical and nervous point of view, but you keep the pace high and you have an advantage over those who don’t play for 3-4 weeks. Then there is always the episode that makes the difference, but whoever comes running from behind always has a different leg. I was evaluating the four teams, Carrarese for example in terms of goals conceded at home is one of the worst of the four, they do much better away from home than at home. Benevento, unlike Carrarese, has never lost, scores many goals at home and saves itself away. Avellino did better at home than away, unlike Vicenza who had two wins and two draws, scoring four goals without conceding any. I believe that in the data Vicenza is the better team compared to the others.”

Second teams chapter: do you expect that in the future these teams will also be able to compete until the end for promotion to Serie B?
“It’s clear that we need to find our way in the championship and understand what the direction of the club will be, only there at the moment will we evaluate whether to aim for promotion or not. The problem will arise if they were to go to Serie B and then aim for promotion which they cannot achieve. However, this is the responsibility of the most qualified people, from C to B the step can possibly be taken. With the contrast of the Serie B League. From a technical point of view I faced Juventus three years ago with Trento, there were Soulé, Stramaccioni and Sekulov. In the first half we won 1-0 and we could have scored more goals, but the impressive thing was the ease of these guys in terms of intensity and technical quality which have nothing to do with Serie C. In the second half, physically and in terms of intensity, as well as technique, he made the difference and we lost 2-1. Regardless of our mistakes, what was impressive was the physicality. I believe that Atalanta also had a great season, Juventus had more experience in the category but I believe that Atalanta also needed this path to understand whether it is appropriate to manage the talents at home or whether to send them on loan away from home basic”.

Don’t you think a different regulation would be needed to make the second team project even better?
“We need to add an element, the first teams first sent their young players around in Serie B or Serie C. Whoever bought these players set limits, there were appearances with an economic quantity and the player’s presence was forced. The reasoning of the first team is different, I have 60 players and of these 50-60 that they have around the world there was an expense that for over 50% was a non-returnable. At this point, if I have to spend a million euros, I keep them at home and let them grow for my thoughts. If I send Soulé out on loan or keep him in the first team, valorization is not needed, for other guys valorization may be needed. However, if this boy doesn’t get along well with the coach, the club has thrown away an investment and the loan payment. You pay for the salary and the cost of development, for this reason three important youth sectors such as Juventus, Atalanta and Milan are part of this project and many others will arrive.”

Avellino, Benevento, Carrarese and Vicenza: which of the four teams remaining in these playoffs most deserves promotion?
“By numbers I would say Vicenza, as far as my heart is concerned given that I played there for two years I would say Avellino. Obviously good luck goes to all the teams, but I still have many friends in Avellino. I know that Auteri is a master, Calabro has regained his value, Vecchi is an old scoundrel and Pazienza is doing very well in Avellino where it is not easy to coach, especially after the championship was not up to par last year”.

Final comment on her future: will we find her on the Folgore bench again next year?
“We have known each other for many years with the president, we have followed a path where at the beginning he also recognized the mistakes. He asked me for help, in the first month I did everything except coach. However, this is Serie D, we managed to achieve 13-14 useful results in a row but at the end of the season we were unable to achieve the important objectives that the president also has. Unfortunately, their professional paths diverged, but from a human point of view, great respect and friendship remains.”