Mirante leaves Milan: “Ibra in management? I have the feeling that he is very competent”

“I wouldn’t want to reach Buffon’s age by playing again, but I feel good and therefore the following weeks will be weeks of reflection. Today I would like to continue, I feel good and this season I also had the chance to play a few games.” To the microphones of Radio TV Serie A talk like this Antonio Mirantegoalkeeper born in 1983, who on Saturday against Salernitana took to the field for the last time wearing the Milan shirt: “The future depends a bit on the path that everyone has taken, on how you feel, on where you play and how you approached the last football year, without forgetting the importance of the motivation that pushes you to move forward. Injuries certainly affect a player’s career and for me now thinking of going abroad is almost impossible.”

The situation of Milan. “I arrived at Milan as a free agent after my experience in Rome and it was a different Milan, despite having already been reborn a year ago, a Milan with a different energy. Today there is an evolved and ambitious Milan which, thanks to the coach he has improved many players: the ambitions have changed. Milan today is no longer the team it was five years ago. The expectations are high.”

On Ibrahimovic. “There are players like him who have a charisma and an aura that precede him. He is a super intelligent boy who understands football. He approached us with great humility and responsibility, until recently he played with us. I I have the feeling that he is very competent even if I don’t know the management dynamics.”

The strongest goalkeepers. “Maignan and Donnarumma are very strong goalkeepers, different, but with great talent. Gigio has made Italy’s fortune and will certainly do so again. Mike is an incredible professional, a total goalkeeper who is destined to improve further in the coming years; You can perceive his charisma just by looking at him. In the dressing room you know he’s there, he conveys certainty and this quality is essential for his role.”

On Rafa Leao. “Leao lacks a bit of hunger and consistency, he needs to not be satisfied when he plays incredible games like against Paris Saint-Germain; I think this is the only thing he lacks, otherwise he is an incredible player.”