Lecce, Corvino: “I have to choose the coach, not the club. I believe in Gotti”

Pantaleo Corvinohead of Lecce’s technical area, in his press conference today, also spoke about the choice of coach at the Giallorossi: “I tell my clubs that I have to make the choice of coaches, the club can’t tell me. If I’m here it’s because the owners wanted me. I consider the coach the most important person for a manager of the technical area. Here the environment is divisive, people say that the coach was chosen by the president tell us about these films? Trinchera and I believe in Gotti, we already have a year under contract.”

D’Aversa’s dismissal and the change of formation with Gotti.
“He paid the price for having started too well, but the points were adequate to save himself. Everyone wants a module, but a director must draw the line based on 49 years of work. With this module we made two salvations in Serie A, one promotion, with the spring promotion and championship”.

Gotti made Lecce switch to 4-4-2.
“This question should be asked to Gotti: if he had Banda and Almqvist at his disposal, would he have played the same way? I won the Primavera 3 times with Rizzo playing with the 3-5-2. Coppitelli played with the 3-man defence. I I don’t impose anything on anyone. I’ll ask Gotti what formation he wants to play with and we’ll choose the players according to the formation. I’m not both the director and the coach. Did I go to the bench on Saturday to get my third salary as team manager?”