Lazio-Sassuolo 1-1, the report cards: Kamada not in the evening, Zaccagni takes the stage

Final result: Lazio-Sassuolo 1-1

Lazio’s report cards (by Antonino Sergi)

Provedel 6 – Second consecutive match for the former Empoli player after the injury, he ends with a goal and can’t do anything about Viti’s close shot. For the rest just a few easy saves on the ground.

Marusic 6 – Some problems with marking in his new role but in the end he manages to get enough on an evening where the Neroverdi attack poses little threat up front.

Romagnoli 5.5 – In the duel with Mulattieri he almost never suffers, he blocks some shots but then it’s his unfortunate header which becomes an assist for Viti’s goal from Sassuolo.

Gila 6 – Ready to go he demonstrates that he also has skills as an attacking midfielder, he draws a perfect tracer that sends Hysaj towards goal who he wastes. Then behind him he suffers little from Sassuolo’s offensive gusts.

Hysaj 5.5 – He doesn’t have the skills of a striker, only three goals in his long career in Serie A and he demonstrated it with the goal he devoured at the start of the match by shooting at Cragno. Not very active along the right lane.

Vecino 6 – Ordinary administration in the middle of the pitch for the Uruguayan, he plays from behind Rovella and tries a few shots for Castellanos. Proof enough about him. From 53′ Felipe Anderson 6 – It was his last match at the Olimpico, he tries to show off but crashes into the black-and-green wall.

Rovella 6.5 – He tries to put quality in the middle of the pitch, manages a lot of balls and distributes them for his teammates. The former Juventus player always had his head held high and played a good half of the match. From the 53rd minute Guendouzi 6 – Try to give freshness to the midfield department, good impact on the match.

Pilgrims 6.5 – Running, even a lot for the former Cagliari player who plows the left-handed lane when he has space to hit. Always present in the offensive phase, he then engages in a good duel with Missori. From 72′ Lazzari 6 – Some outbursts at the end.

Kamada 5.5 – After Igor Tudor’s praise, he’s in for a bad evening. Not the best for the Japanese who struggles in the middle of the lines, then gets dropped in the middle of the pitch and also wastes a good opportunity.

Zaccagni 7 – Lazio’s future is all his in view of the departures of Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto, he takes center stage in the second half when he draws the perfect trajectory from a free kick that breaks the tie.

Castellanos 5 – He wanted to leave his mark on this last day of the championship in front of his fans but he never finds the right play, indeed he never manages to receive playable balls in the penalty area. Worn out. From 72′ Building 6 – He tries to leave his signature in the match, at least compared to his teammate he kicks on goal and calls Cragno into action.

Igor Tudor 6 – A draw, maybe he wanted to give himself a victory in front of his fans which however caused some boos to rain down from the stands for how this season ended. He doesn’t give space to Luis Alberto who was waiting to enter the pitch to greet the Biancocelesti fans.

Sassuolo’s report cards (by Antonino Sergi)

Cragno 6.5 – He didn’t seem perfect on the occasion of Zaccagni’s winning free kick but he was the protagonist of two great saves, first on Hysaj and then on Immobile.

Erlic 6 – On some occasions he suffers when he is targeted in the narrow by Zaccagni, otherwise he plays a careful game without conceding too much to the Biancocelesti forwards.

Screws 6.5 – On the last day of this championship, he bid farewell to Serie A with his first goal in the top flight. He takes advantage of the rebound as an attacker and finds the first seal, the second in his career after the one in Ligue 1.

Ferrari 6 – After the forgettable days of the Neroverde rearguard, at the Olimpico starting from the captain you can feel greater compactness behind and few flaws.

Missors 6.5 – Good signs from the former Roma player who plays a quality game along the right lane, perpetual motion in both phases. Good in the defensive phase with some important diagonal shots. From 89′ Pedersen sv.

Lipani 6 – Maybe a little too shy in the middle of the pitch in the first half when he struggled to get out, better in the second half with some interesting gaps in spaces and with personality. From 84′ Racic sv.

Obiang 6.5 – Of fight and government, in the middle of the court he makes his experience and physicality count in close duels against the setters of Tudor’s team. He was only making his eighth appearance but he is one of the best on the pitch.

Thorstvedt 6.5 – Less present in the opponent’s penalty area as he has done in this championship, he however makes his physique count in duels in the middle of the pitch and with his left foot he draws good trajectories for his teammates.

Doig 6 – He concludes his season with the Sassuolo shirt with an orderly performance along the left-handed lane, challenges Hysaj and has no major problems to defuse the former Empoli and Napoli player. From 75′ Toljan sv.

Volpato 6 – He achieved sufficient results in what was his old stadium, especially in the early stages of the match he tried to show off after the limited space during the season. A left-handed shot who is however blocked by Provedel. From 75′ Laurienté sv.

Muleteers 5.5 – Preferred to Pinamonti on this last day of the championship, he tries to battle against the Lazio centre-backs without ever finding the right opportunity to become dangerous. From 84′ Pinamonti sv.

Davide Ballardini 6 – Last with his head held high for his Sassuolo who were relegated to Serie B, he played a good match also because he was free to head. She deserves a draw, throw in some interesting youngsters and get out of the top flight with a draw at the Olimpico..