Kroos: “The final will be my last effort for Real. There’s no time to think about retiring”

The midfielder Toni Kroos spoke to Real Madrid TV right after training and in the middle of the Open Media Day, which represents the start of preparations for the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. These are the German’s statements: “It’s not easy to win titles without the team. I saw their match against PSG, playing against German teams is always difficult, we’ve faced them all this season: Leipzig, Bayern and now Borussia Dortmund.”

On his last dance, given the retirement already announced: “This will be my last match, but I don’t think about it now. There’s no time to think, I’m just focused on winning the Champions League.”

About his emotions: “I tried not to cry, but when I saw my daughter cry… it was very difficult for me. I will never forget these moments. I will remember them forever, even my children and my wife.”

On the tribute paid to him by Real Madrid: “When I arrived in 2014, I never imagined I would have a farewell like this. It was so special that it will stay with me forever.”

On the Champions League final: “It’s been a good season, now it wouldn’t make sense to lose the final. It will be my last effort for Real Madrid.”