Josep Martinez, he was reborn at Genoa. And now Inter and Juventus are seriously thinking about it

The fact that Josep Martinez of the Genoa ended up among the profiles evaluated by Inter And Juventus he must be surprising up to a certain point because his CV predicted a top career. Raised as a footballer in Barcelonain 2017 it moved to Las Palmas, who first added him to the second team and only later made him debut with the greats. However, it doesn’t take much to understand that he has the makings of the predestined, so much so that in January 2020 the Leipzig, a company that has always had the prerogative of focusing on young people, bought him and left him on loan in Spain. At the end of the season he then moves to Germany, but things don’t go as planned. The difficulties in integrating with the environment, coach and teammates are evident and the appearances are very few: in two seasons he will make 2 appearances in the Bundesliga, one in the DFB Cup and one in the Champions League.

The Red Bull club’s project around him has not yielded the desired results and now he must invent a new path to establish himself. However, time passes, in the meantime he has reached the age of 24 and there are not many teams willing to give him total trust for a year as a protagonist. He must therefore be satisfied with Serie B and the Genoa, who has an incredible tradition, but who in 2022, when he signed him on loan with the obligation to buy in case of promotion, was playing in the junior team. The period on the bench at Leipzig, however, left some consequences and Martinez also appears unsuitable for the Grifone before the turning point against Bari on the 19th matchday. In the summer someone had doubts: will he be ready for Serie A? The answer was not only affirmative, but the class of ’98 went further. Personality, safety in exits, reactivity between the posts, in short, a guarantee. His price has risen to even 30 million euros, a way to declare him untransferable and hold on to him.

However, Genoa has already received some requests for information, especially from the Nerazzurri and Bianconeri, as explained above. Will remain? The possibilities are high, but there are no certainties. Meanwhile, today Josep Martinez turns 26.