J.Jesus returns to the Acerbi case: “I protected him, but he wanted to make me look like a liar”

The defender of Naples Juan Jesus he returned to talk about what happened with Francesco Acerbi during the match against Inter. He did so during a conference on the topic of racism organized this morning in Trentola Ducenta: “I tried to be superior at the end of the game. My career speaks for itself, I have always been correct, unlike him with episodes that make us think different things. But then he wanted to deny me even though I had protected and protected him. To be considered a liar seemed exaggerated to me. Today I put a merciful veil on this situation, I have to move forward and be intelligent and an example for my children and for others If things like this happen again we must be superior.”

On the topic of racism, this is the thought of Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis: “In Italy there is intolerance towards those who are different. Politicians are responsible for it. This is not the country of doing. Intolerance arises from personal dissatisfaction. The episode involving Juan Jesus can be determined as a function of personal frustrations. But the concept of hospitality should also prevail. At a certain point, superiority means that one must also acquiesce in accepting certain rudeness suffered in the name of freedom and absolute transparency.”

It’s still: “If this is our distorted nature, it is difficult to educate people. The children are not racist, they are in mixed classes, they play with everyone. Then as they grow… Bullying, for example, is a consequence of racism behavior deriving from the association with others similar in age. At the base there is a State that has never worked and is not working, an educational problem in families who have to work to bring a double salary home and cannot protect with their presence. the growth of their children, who are then affected by that absence”, his words reported by ‘TuttoNapoli.net’.