Inter, Bisseck: “There have been requests from Germany, but especially in winter”

During the long interview with Geissblogthe Inter defender Yann Bisseck he also spoke about the possibility of leaving on loan in the summer: “I never thought about leaving the club. I was treated excellently in my first year, obviously it all depends on how I play and it’s something to talk to the managers about, but if it were up to me I would stay here and fight because I feel in excellent shape.”

Is the 2026 World Cup the goal?
“It is a mandatory goal, in 2026 I will be 25 years old. If everything goes well, if nothing bad happens and if I don’t take steps backwards, not only do I think I will be there but that I will also be able to play a leading role. I will work for this and We’ll see if I succeed. Just knowing that Nagelsmann is following me is a huge thing, obviously I’m not putting any pressure on me at the moment.”

On the return to the Bundesliga: “I think there have already been some requests. I don’t know which clubs exactly because I always tell my agent very explicitly to leave me alone if it’s nothing concrete. But there was a lot of interest from the Bundesliga, even last year winter. I can imagine playing in the Bundesliga one day if I’m honest, as much as I’ve moved around in the last few years, some continuity would be fantastic. But my desire would be to settle in Italy for at least two years and then we’ll see from season to season what happens next.”