Graziani: “Conte at Napoli? He has his own way of working and doesn’t want interference at work”

Francesco Grazianicoach, gave an interview to Radio Goal, live on Kiss Kiss Naples: “Conte? It always depends on the quality of the players he has available. He is very good in character, he is capable of revitalizing certain players. If Napoli choose Conte they will take a top coach, but Antonio has his own way of working and doesn’t want interference in his work. With Conte you have a guarantee, but De Laurentiis must return to being president, he must take care of the club and send all the responsibilities of the team environment to Conte. Antonio is someone who doesn’t let anyone into the locker room, sometimes grants access only to warehouse workers.”

“Oriali? He’s someone who knows about football, knows how to command respect, he’s Antonio’s man who could act as a union between the coach and the president. Lukaku? I don’t know if we can see the real Lukaku again with Conte, but Antonio has a lot strength of character and can bring back to the top even those who have done badly this year. He is very engaging, but it takes luck and time. Antonio Conte does not have a magic wand, but he is synonymous with guarantee for the fans too and not just the strong players. I don’t know if he takes Lukaku, but those who work under his responsibilities will do well.”