Frosinone hell, Udinese joy. Niang the savior. Pioli, Giroud and Anderson say goodbye. Eriksson emotion

Two of Hearts
It’s Piccari’s last two of the championship and let me start with Di Francesco, his desperation at the end of the match for Frosinone’s relegation enters the heart. A team that didn’t deserve relegation due to the quality of football it expressed and even in the last match due to the play and opportunities it created should have had a different fate. This does not take anything away from Udinese who believed in salvation by winning it in the last match. In this match, happiness and sporting drama, victory and defeat, everything that sport includes, intersected. Destiny smiled on some, while it was bitter on others. The most beautiful photograph is Cannavaro’s embrace of Di Francesco. Come on Eusebio and Frosinone: in life you fall, the important thing is to get up and start again.

Who will also have to start again is Stefano Pioli. After 5 years he leaves Milan with a championship and a high level path. The greeting from the players and fans made the heart vibrate. A thank you to Pioli is a must. He also says goodbye to Giroud, a true nine who will be greatly missed by Milan and Italian football. The same goes for Felipe Anderson who leaves Lazio and Serie A; a quality player who showed the best of himself in this second adventure at Lazio. A simple boy and a great professional until the last match. Good life.

I close with Eriksson’s presence at the Olimpico in Lazio – Sassuolo. Seeing the coach again with the fans and the team with which he shared a unique football story made my heart skip a beat.

Alex Sandro’s greeting is also striking, the player took leave after a long relationship with Juventus: the greeting from his fans was affectionate.
You call them if you want emotions.

Two of Spades
I want to dedicate this space on the last day to the bad thinkers, to those of the distorted championship and more. Theirs remain only words, while the field has given us victories, defeats, smiles and tears: football.
I conclude with a message of attention addressed to De Rossi and Tudor: the coaches of Rome and Lazio do not finish very well. For the future, the two coaches will have to find some balance in the game and in the management of the group. Naturally, while waiting to know the market of the two clubs, we wish him good luck. Next year the judgment towards them will be much more incisive and not everything will be allowed. Eye!!

On this last day there are two very heavy wildcards that have changed the destiny of two teams. Udinese gets the first with Davis who in the 76th minute gives the Friulians the lead and throws Frosinone into despair. Niang does the rest: his goal in the 93rd minute gives Empoli victory against Roma and saves two teams, Empoli and Udinese. Savior!!