Folorunsho like Vidal: the renewal to secure Napoli’s next big player. Di Conte

Michael Folorunsho as Arturo Vidal, with Antonio Conte at the helm of a player with potential yet to be discovered at that time Naples. The scenario is more than probable and possible, especially for the first cornerstone of history. The Roma midfielder was one of the extraordinary revelations of this season: with the Hellas Verona shirt he managed to drag the Scaligeri to an unexpected salvation so much so that he reached the 30 players called up by Luciano Spalletti for the 2024 European Championship in Germany In terms of performance, characteristics and quality, there is no doubt: Italy doesn’t have another like him and deserves the continental event but it is clear that the coach could also evaluate international experience before the latest cuts. All that remains is to wait but there is no doubt that Folorunsho will be one of the cornerstones of the national team to come.

Folorunsho light blue
Not just Italian blue. Folorunsho is owned by Napoli who, after the loans to help him mature, are ready to keep him at home. Ready to make him a cornerstone of Aurelio De Laurentiis’ club project: the management, with sporting director Giovanni Manna, is ready to soon sit down at a negotiating table with the player and his entourage to find an agreement on a new agreement. Unavoidable. For Folorunsho, the status of a heavy first team player will also be accompanied by a salary and duration that is up to par.

Conte’s Vidal
Here we are at the scenario. Because the sirens from all over Europe for Folorunsho are already there, which is why Napoli wants to lock him down. Also because, with Antonio Conte arriving in the shadow of Vesuvius, the management and President De Laurentiis consider the midfielder in his last season in Verona to be the ideal identikit to be another Vidal of the Salento coach. And the same, in fact, also thinks and believes Conte himself, who tactically and technically considers Folorunsho an ideal footballer for his game. At Ninja…