Felipe Anderson says goodbye, Tudor expects reinforcements: so Lazio-Sassuolo takes a back seat

There Lazio was already in the Europa League, the Sassuolo already relegated: it is therefore not surprising that the Biancocelesti and Neroverdi did not go beyond a draw at the Olimpico this evening. Zaccagni’s goal was answered by Viti’s, with very little emotion in the first half and also for most of the second. At the end, the home fans booed Tudor’s team, called to a much better season than this one in 2024-2025, and above all the touching greeting from Felipe Anderson.

Mister Igor Tudor’s analysis in the press conference
“Congratulations go to the boys, who achieved a good goal such as the Europa League and seventh place. A good journey has been made in recent months since I arrived and it closed today with a draw. There is clearly a future there is a job to do, we all know this. We have already spoken with the club to try to do the right things and build the best team possible. There is no news for Kamada’s future, we will see in the next few days.”

Mr. Davide Ballardini’s analysis in the press conference
“Every match has a value, it’s not true that it didn’t count for anything because you always have to respect the shirt and the commitment. We’ve said it many times that the team wasn’t used to playing these matches, with many youngsters who have never fought for not to be relegated. We have been fragile in recent months, if we also add that we never had the most representative player (Berardi, ed.) available, this meant that Sassuolo was relegated.”

Felipe Anderson’s farewell to Lazio
Felipe Anderson say hello to Lazio. The Brazilian playmaker, who will return to his homeland to wear the Palmeiras shirt once his contract with the Biancocelesti expires on June 30th, wanted to bid farewell to the Lazio people with a speech in the middle of the pitch: “Guys, I want to thank you because from day one you welcomed me, not only as a footballer but first as a boy and now as a man. I thank you because you gave me much more than football could give me, for this I always thank you Lazio.” after the 0-0 draw with Sassuolo.