Empoli, Luperto: “An immense joy, we felt magnificent emotions”

You didn’t let Roma’s draw get you down. What joy was it?
“An immense joy, we found magnificent emotions. I’m proud of everyone who works for this family. We did well to stay in the game after the draw, we had our minds there, we did well to take advantage of the last minutes”

What kind of salvation was it?
“Of the salvations it is certainly the one that I will remember with greatest affection, because it was a year of great suffering. I dedicate it to my girlfriend and my family, but also to the Empoli family. I feel at home here.”

Is there a photograph that reminds you of this season?
“The photograph is the fact that we cohesed ourselves even more after the defeat against Verona, there was a unity in the group with the arrival of the coach”