Empoli, Corsi: “Salvation was a feat, not a miracle. It was the most painful ever”

TMW exclusive

The salvation ofEmpoli, especially considering the way it arrived, was unexpected and, for this reason, it is even more beautiful and makes you rejoice more. Talking about it on the microphones of TuttoMercatoWeb.com he is the president Fabrizio Corsi: “We have maintained the top category on other occasions, but this is the most difficult championship.”

What emotions did you feel last night at Castellani?
“It’s a beautiful thing for me and for my family, but in particular for the kids and for the city, which yesterday participated like never before. Perhaps so many fans had never been there. Our stadium turned out to be small because we had the right to make only 800 tickets available for Roma fans, but instead we reserved 3,200 for them because it seemed unsportsmanlike to do otherwise, but in doing so a thousand of our supporters were left without a ticket ‘the attachment that exists, these occasions prove it to us.”

Do you have the feeling of having achieved a goal or accomplished a feat?
“That was the objective, but at a certain point it became a feat. In January we were 5 points behind, we hoped to get to play in the last two of Serie A and so it was thanks to the extraordinary work of mister Nicola, of the his staff, the sporting director Accardi… They never lost faith and awareness of the fact that we had a good team. We got to what we got, I would say it’s not a sporting miracle, but a feat.”

You mentioned Nicola and Accardi. How much of them is there in this salvation?
“A good part. However, I also include the club, which was good at making them work calmly. Ours is an extraordinary environment, we even lost 4-5 games in a row, but there was never a dispute, at most we there were 10 people who were silenced by the rest. The fans know that with this behavior they make a difference.”

It’s impossible not to talk about Niang, the man of salvation who arrived amidst general skepticism.
“Yes, but I would also highlight Cerri, who gave his contribution despite injuries, and Zurkowski, who gritted his teeth after a sprained ankle suffered against Fiorentina. He would have had to have surgery, if it had been September we would have stopped him and had him back in January, we missed him right away. It turned out to be an ordeal for him to even train, but he preferred to accompany his teammates, giving what he could even for a few minutes. He will operate in the next few days I think, he scored 4 goals in 2 games and it was decisive, it could have been much more.”

Finally, I ask you for a comment on the images that arrived last night from Verona: Asllani jumping and rejoicing for Empoli’s salvation.
“I must say that these are guys who came to us as children, were treated well and then had the skill and luck to explode. I also received a chilling message from Samuele Ricci, who was pre-summoned by Spalletti and I hope he goes all the way to the European Championship. Asllani will be an opponent of the Azzurri. These things fill me with pride, but we also feel like family with respect to everyone, both for those who are successful or have had it. and for those who have less. We have built something incredible, their successes are ours too.”