De Rossi: “Roma must now raise the level. Let Atalanta set an example”


The Roma coach Daniele De Rossi spoke to the reporters present at the USSI award in Rome, at the Aniene rowing club. These are the words collected by TMW:

A summary of your journey with the Giallorossi?
“It wasn’t a disastrous season, but it could have been done, I could have done better. I wanted to bring Roma back to the Champions League and to the Europa League final, but things were done correctly and above all they need to be done now so that Roma can rise to the level “.

How far is this Rome from your idea?
“It’s not a question of me or of another coach. When you find a team created by other people it’s necessarily a little different. I like having the same ideas as the club, last night we discussed what we have to do I’m happy to have the same ideas as the director and Lina Souloukou, the ideas are always easy to carry out, but we also have plans b, c, d etc.

What do you bring with you for the future?
“We had prepared yesterday’s match from a mental point of view, there are matches that officially count for nothing but the players must respect the league table, the fans and the profession. I saw this attitude.”

Running, hungry… Future what to add? How do you improve your scoring ability?
“I’m the one who has to give them the tools to score, I want to give them something more, I want to put them in the best conditions. Sometimes the results cover things up a bit… We’re left with a less than sweet ending to the championship, even if that of yesterday it was a strange match and it was decided by a player who should have been sent off a few minutes earlier. We ended up with empty batteries and we have to make sure we improve, the example is still Atalanta which for me has been for many years. We have to have that kind of attitude both physically and mentally.”

Were you hoping for the Dea’s defeat for access to the Champions League?
“I had no doubts that Atalanta would do their duty… Even against us they must have seemed tired and distracted by the Italian Cup… But the team is built like this, to do these things. I had no doubts, they did the them and I didn’t expect that they would do us any favors. We should have scored a few more points during the year.”

What did you and the Friedkins talk about?
“We talked about our things, our opinions. From now that the season is over we have to start planning.”

What will the transfer budget be?
“The club and I will talk about it, they are not things that are said publicly. They are things that are managed within the walls of Trigoria.”