Camavinga sends a message to Ancelotti: “Everyone knows how I think about the role of full-back”

The joker Eduardo Camavinga spoke to Real Madrid TV right after training and in the middle of the Open Media Day, which represents the start of preparations for the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. These are the Frenchman’s statements: “We have had many injuries this season, but we have done everything well. We have a strong team.”

On his position on the pitch: “You already know how I feel about the role of full-back. My characteristic is that I can play in many positions and as long as it helps the team, I do it. When I played there I watched the best full-backs.”

On the final stadium: “Wembley is a legendary stadium. A great stadium. I don’t care where I play, I just want to win.”

About his sensations: “I will be happy until the end. I will do everything to maintain this feeling.”

A message to the fans: “Thank you so much for the support during this season. I want and want to win this title for all of you. Let’s go win it Tenthfifth“.