Calamai: “Juve, Motta ready. Fiorentina, Palladino like Montella”

TMW Radio

TO TMW Radio the time has come Pen and Inkwellseditorial edited by Luca Calamai: “Insufficiency due to the fact that we don’t bring the sixth Italian team to the Champions League. It would have brought us more wealth in more teams. But Atalanta deserves 7, they did their duty. And I think it could even come in third place. High marks for the president of Frosinone. After a difficult match and after an incredible relegation, he went in front of the cameras. It’s a normal but exceptional attitude. He presented it with seriousness and serenity. Udinese gets a 6– because they should have had a calmer championshipgot confused but with a bit of luck she was saved. Empoli? Truly an incredible story. He launches players and always manages to come up with something. Too bad for Sassuolo, who takes 4, because he built his salvation around just one player, Berardi. And in today’s football it is a big risk. I saw the beautiful images of the farewell to Pioli, even emotional. Pioli is a man of values, I’m not convinced by Fonseca’s choicebecause it is not new and not even a guarantee.

I don’t understand the strategy. Ibrahimovic’s work will now be evaluated. I don’t like how the controversy between Allegri and Juventus is continuing. The Juve style has been lost like this. It could end better, I don’t find it sensible to bring a dispute, even an economic one, forward. All this isn’t Juve-like, it’s the last extension of a year that has seen many problems, from Pogba to Fagioli. We’ll see where it starts from. However, a relationship that was born badly and ended badly. No one stands to gain from a conflict that continues over time. However, I like the idea of ​​Thiago Motta, who is ready for the leap in quality. If Vlahovic stays, he will do great things, because Motta’s football enhances attacking football and the first striker. The Napoli-Conte marriage is without a vote, but I’m curious to see how it will go. If he asked for Oriali it’s because he needs someone as a screen. If Conte can protect his role and also exploit the brilliance of ADL, it could be a truly great story. And then there Florentine. Palladino reminds me of Montella’s arrival at Viola“.