Ancelotti Jr: “I’ll tell you about Joselu’s change to Bayern. I direct Real Madrid’s training”

Davide Ancelottiassistant coach of Real Madrid, spoke at Sky Sports to present the Champions League final with Borussia Dortmund. These are his statements, starting from how he is blancos they live the wait for the big match at Wembley: “You live by preparing for the match as if it were a match like any other, at least on a tactical level, then it’s clear that in terms of sensations it’s nice to be able to play in a Champions League final. It’s a privilege for us, but preparing for matches normally takes a bit of pressure off you.”

On the famous scene in which he called for a substitution for Joselu in the semi-final against Bayern: “The story of Joselu’s substitution doesn’t hide any secrets. It’s something we thought about together with the rest of the staff, as we always do. It was a pre-prepared substitution, I simply got up to tell him it was time to come in.”

On Real Madrid’s training sessions directed daily by Ancelotti Jr: “My father delegates a lot to his staff, he has changed over the years and now he is more of an observer who takes care of the relationship with the players. In training the staff and I work a lot on the tactical aspect, then it is clear that my father takes the lead final decisions this year we tried to give Bellingham a position on the pitch: initially he started as number 10 in the diamond, then he moved to play as a winger in a 4-4-2. Obviously there is also freedom of footballers, is the one that gives difficulties to the opponents”.