The opening of the Messaggero Veneto: “Salvezza Udinese. The longest day”

Udinese is played all in one evening. Fabio Cannavaro’s team will take the field at the “Stirpe” in Frosinone for the direct clash against relegation against the team coached by Eusebio Di Francesco. An inside or outside game that won’t go wrong. This is the front page headline of today’s edition Veneto Messenger: “Salvation Udinese. The longest day”.

The words in conference by Fabio Cannavaro
This is Fabio Cannavaro’s comment on the eve of the match in Ciociaria in the press conference: “I said that against Empoli I was worried because I knew what team Empoli is, the euphoria I had seen I had tried to calm her down even in the conference and I wasn’t listened to. It’s the last match, we’re safe today, but we’ll have to play with our heads even more than we did, we have to use our strengths without thinking about anything else.

If we want to think about resolving the match in the first half or if we want to wait for the other fields, I see it as tough, we have to play to try to win the match without calculations, with intelligence. Frosinone will also have to try to play the game, to win, they have a double result in case of news from Empoli, but I don’t think they will make calculations of this type.”