Ten Hag snaps at a journalist: “You know nothing! Man United were a dump when I arrived”

Erik ten Hagmanager of Manchester United, after the triumph in the FA Cup in the derby against Manchester City spoke at the press conference: “The only thing I can do is further develop my team. This is a project for me. I came here when this team was a dump. Now we are stronger, but we are still not where we want to be.

But I said all year because this season’s performances have been disappointing too often. We had a lot of injuries. Once again today there were players on the pitch who were not fully fit. And we were missing important players like Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw and Casemiro. I think the criticism towards us has often been unfair. With adequate selection we would have done much better.”

I like to play dominant, attacking football, but we played against the best team in the world. Sometimes you have to make concessions when you have opponents like that. In the end, football is also about winning trophies. I am very proud of my team and my staff

Ten Hag then interrupted the press conference when a journalist reminded him that eighth place in the Premier League is a far cry from where a club like Manchester United should be: “I’m sorry to say this, but you don’t know about football nothing, you have no knowledge. You have too many injuries and there are no players available, you can’t perform at your best, it’s simple. And if this is just my opinion there’s no problem, then I’ll go somewhere else and continue to win trophies.”