Sensational in Denmark, Midtjylland champion: Brondby’s suicide on the last day

Incredible epilogue in the Danish Superliga. Everything seemed ready for Brondby’s triumph, but instead Sorensen’s team failed to win the title and lost 2-3 at home against Aarhus. An unexpected defeat, truly sensational, which paves the way for the Midtjylland.

It is the fourth national title for the Herning club, after those won in 2014/15, 2017/18 and 2019/20.

Results of the last day of the playoffs
Brondby 2-3 Aarhus
Copenhagen – Nordsjaelland 1-1
Midtjylland – Silkeborg 3-3

Midtjylland 63 (Denmark champions, in the Champions League preliminaries)
Brondby 62 (in Europa League preliminaries)
Copenhagen 59 (in the Conference League playoffs)
Nordsjaelland 58
Aarhus 44
Silkeborg 36