Rome, De Rossi: “We should have managed to win in a dirtier way”

10.50pm – Good evening, friends of TUTTOmercatoWEB! In a few minutes you will be able to attend Roma coach Daniele De Rossi’s press conference after the match against Empoli.

23.12 – The conference begins.

He asked for a serious match, there was one from you. In the second half, however, Empoli’s motivations came out.
“If only the motivations were valid we wouldn’t have played the match, then there’s a lot of football stuff to talk about. We started on the counterattack and weren’t able to shoot on goal, for example. We always shoot too little because of how much we keep the ball, sometimes matches are won in a more dirty way and we lack this characteristic.”

What changed between the first and second half?
“In the first half we managed the ball in an orderly manner, in the second half we had more space, matches are also won in different ways, by managing the ball differently.”