Real Madrid, Ancelotti on post-Kroos: “There is no player like him on the market”

Last night Real Madrid and the Santiago Bernabeu celebrated their last match in Spain Toni Kroos, who will hang up his boots after the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund and the European Championship with Germany. In Spain the debate on the successor has already started and more than one sees one at home: Jude Bellingham. I don’t agree at all, though. Carlo Ancelotti.

For the Italian coach, Bellingham must play closer to goal than Kroos did in his career. And it was clear in the press conference: “The closer we are to goal, the better it is for Bellingham. There isn’t a player on the market with the same characteristics as Kroos and we have to replace him in another way. We have a midfielder of great quality and we will have to adapt the game differently because there will be another player who cannot be Kroos.”