On Alex Sandro-day, Juventus beat Monza: 2-0 at the Stadium and third place

Juventus’ season ends with a victory. On the evening it is celebrated Alex Sandro, saying goodbye with the black and white shirtthe formation of Paolo Montero beat Monza 2-0 and moves to third place in the standings. A match well played by the hosts capable of scoring in the first half of the match with a nice personal action from Chiesa following a pass from Milik and then with a header from the Brazilian number 12 who surpassed Mota Carvalho’s mark.

At the final whistle Alex Sandro told his emotions: “These were emotional days for me, I had never cried so much in my life. In a week. Not just today. This whole journey has been beautiful, I thank the fans, the city, Italy. The teammates who from the first year so far. I’m proud of myself and what I’ve done, I’m very happy with the beautiful story I’ve made with these people.”

At the end of the match he also spoke Paolo Montero: “When I joined Continassa I was excited, I don’t speak much but it was simple. Honestly, I didn’t come to upset anything but to collaborate. Proud to be in front of them. Every time they play I come and sit in the stands to watch them, it’s an honor to stand in front of them and above all I said that I was just coming to collaborate. Where will I go now? I honestly don’t know (laughs, ed.)”.