Milan-Salernitana 3-3, the report cards: Giroud greets San Siro in his own way, Sambia surprises

Final result: Milan-Salernitana 3-3

Milan’s report cards (by Marco Pieracci)

Aiming 6 – Pioli gives him the catwalk, he enjoys the melancholic evening from a privileged point of view. So-so on the goal conceded, he redeems himself on Simy. From 88′ Nava sv

Calabria 6.5 – The track with Pulisic travels fluidly, he takes advantage of his teammate’s movements to fill the spaces that open up. He heads the trio.

Cage 6 – On the credits of the first half he could even score, with little work to do until he is replaced. From 59′ Caldara 6 – He is added to the long list of farewells, unlucky at 3-3: the ball goes under his legs.

Tomori 5.5 – Dangerous on an inactive ball, he takes the time of the Granata defense and comes close to scoring. A little surprised at the corner kicked by Sambia. From 88′ Kjaer sv

Hernandez 6 – The almost seaside nature of the match is a hymn to his outbursts in the open field, he accepts Leao’s invitation but VAR takes away his goal.

Florenzi 6.5 – Returning to his roots as a midfielder, he shows that he hasn’t forgotten how to do it. He delivers the farewell goal to Giroud’s big foot.

Reijnders 6.5 – In the heart of the maneuver, he gives the impression of having fun sorting for his teammates. Fiorillo transforms his harmless throw into an assist for Leao.

Pulisic 6.5 – He leaves nothing behind when he decides to dribble away. Collect yet another assist of the season: Calabria thanks.

Bennacer 6.5 – The most interesting tactical innovation, from playmaker to central attacking midfielder: the precision of the passes and the quality of the plays do not change.

Leao 7 – Exhausting for those who don’t have it. Fiorillo gives him an unexpected gift: he just has to unwrap it to give it to his mentor. From 58′ Adli 5.5 – At a small trot, he doesn’t dare.

Giroud 7 – In the ravenous search for the last goal to leave San Siro in the best possible way, he finds it in his own way: in acrobatics. The standing ovation at the exit makes him emotional. From 84′ Jovic sv

Stefano Pioli 6 – The final chapter of Milan’s history is preceded by an emotional collective embrace that brings tears to his eyes. The match is just a celebration, from the bench he savors every single second of it.

Salernitana report cards (by Luca Esposito)

Fiorillo 5 – It’s true that he scores a couple of top-level interventions, however the mistake on the occasion of the Rossoneri’s opening goal is too serious and inevitably affects the rest of the match.

Pierozzi 5 – In some circumstances he prefers the long ball to phrasing and makes Colantuono angry. Not on his best night, when he is targeted he struggles.

Gyomber 5 – Salernitana in a defensive emergency, isn’t at the top but is gritting her teeth. Unfortunately, however, for him too it was a season well below expectations. He gets burned by Giroud on the occasion of the 2-0 goal. From 75′ Pellegrino 6 – He enters a delicate moment of the match and, under the gaze of his future fans, he is ready.

Pasalidis 5 – He alternates between some good closing and clumsy interventions, like when in the 92nd minute he made a mistake on the edge of his own penalty area, almost causing Milan’s fourth goal. Of the players taken in January he is the only one owned, who knows if he will be able to do better in a lower category.

Zanoli 5 – Leao is a very uncomfortable customer and finds it difficult to keep up with him, from the first minutes he struggles and is unable to put up any type of resistance. Virtually nothing in the offensive phase. From 82′ Legowski sv.

Major 5.5 .- Milan’s midfield travels at triple speed and almost never manages to put a patch on it, the only two noteworthy interventions are defensive diagonals in their own penalty area. From 82′ Sfait sv.

Coulibaly 5.5 – The air of the great event exalts him. As with Juventus, also in Milan he appears at least more combative than the apathetic footballer who often angered Arechi. He is imprecise in his approach, but he also recovers some good balls.

Sambia 6.5 – If only it were more continuous. He starts off well, with a couple of effective defensive reads. In the second half he takes center stage and is perhaps Salernitana’s best, with an assist to the kiss for Simy and the first Italian goal of excellent workmanship.

Candreva 5 – Perhaps still stunned by the boos received last week, he struggles to get going and, when he fires up, he preaches in the desert. A single ring, when he tries to surprise Mirante with a long-range missile. From 60′ Vignato 6 – Nothing exceptional, but at least it puts a little liveliness into it.

Kastanos 5.5 – He’s not brilliant yet, but his physical condition is far from top and this justifies a performance that is not yet fully sufficient. He remains one of the few to put quality into a squad that has worked so hard. From 60′ Simy 7 – The hero you don’t expect. Double, crossbar and an impact never so positive.

Tchaouna 6.5 – In the first half hour he is anonymous, it must also be said that he is served poorly by his teammates. Then he makes a great defensive recovery and galvanizes himself. He enters the 3-3 action.

Stefano Colantuono 6 – He will be able to say that he achieved a result against Juventus and Milan away. The final reaction is up to the task after a horror first half.