Milan, Sacchi “welcomes” Fonseca: “I expected a more important name”

Arrigo Sacchiformer coach of the Italian national team and USA ’94 and former Milan coach, commented to the notebooks of La Gazzetta dello Sport the Rossoneri’s choice to entrust the bench to Paulo Fonseca: “I’m honest: I expected a more important name. Or at least, since I’m Italian, I hoped that the managers would choose a coach from our homeland. Did he coach Roma? Yes, but he didn’t enchant. Fonseca was very good in Ukraine, where he led Shakhtar Donetsk and won three consecutive championships. In France he achieved exceptional results.

So a choice worth reviewing? According to Sacchi, Milan “needs a strategist, a coach who knows how to give a game to the team and who through the game enhances the human material available. There are excellent coaches who would have suited the Rossoneri’s needs. I’m thinking of De Zerbi, to Sarri, to Gasperini, to Italiano, to Motta who isn’t Italian but it’s as if he were… Those I just mentioned know Serie A, they know the dynamics of our football, they have ideas and they’ve demonstrated it. Fonseca is everything to discover”.

But no a priori rejections: “Let’s not exaggerate. Let’s say that it is a choice to be evaluated through the work and the game proposal that will be offered to the public. Fonseca must be given the necessary time to assemble the team”.